Birth of a baby…

You are witnessing the first prototype case fresh from the mold, most likely the first non-factory case to EVER be cast… it is in all its glory, right out of the mold with no cleanup!

Champagne corks!



The whole point of the mold positive is to create the molds and associated cores which will be used to actually cast the part. Without further ado, here they are!



Making the mold positive

Before we can make the mold, we need to create the mold positive. This is basically a case half, except we make it out of plastic. It’s not just any case half though – it’s a reproduction of our raw casting, which means that it is dimensionally different than an actual case, and it lacks some of the holes and features that a finished case would have, because those will be machined on the case post-mold.

The process of machining the 1:1 scale case half in plastic takes a CNC machine about 30 hours to do – for one case half. Here are some progress pictures……starting to look like a case!