Machine model complete

Once again all of our hard work has paid off in the form of what is arguably the most accurate model of a flat 6 engine case out there. Recall that we started with a 50 micron scan of an actual Porsche case. From there, we developed a Solidworks model. But just having the model in Solidworks doesn’t really finish the job.

From there, we needed to take the original model and make a model suitable for creating a casting. A casting has draft, extra material, and all sorts of features that you won’t see on a finished case.

Of course, the casting model is of little use to the machinist, who has to create his own model that will be used to guide the tool path of the CNC machine which will remove all the metal that was added in the casting process. And in the end, it’s the machinist’s model that needs to be the most accurate, since there is essentially zero room for error.

It took us over 6 weeks to measure every last hole, nook and cranny on the case by hand and then compare it to the computer model to ensure accuracy. From there, a SurfCAM model was developed which gives us our tool paths for each case half.

This is also much harder than it would appear. Each case needs machining on all sides, and then both halves are bolted together and machined again where they need it, as well as line bored. This was an incredibly laborious process but I felt that being accurate was more important than being first to market. So thanks again for your patience.

From here, we are constructing the fixtures that will hold the case down for the various machining operations and text machine the first case halves. Tentative schedule is as follows:

November 1: both case halves machined on all sides. Create fixtures for gun drilling and line boring.

December 1: Produce a right and left case half capable of being built into a motor.

January 1, 2018: First Engine complete and operational. 

Beta testing and customer deliveries to follow. The picture you are seeing below is  of the SurfCAM machining model.




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