New Product – Billet oil filter console

Whether you’re running a engine mounted oil cooler or one of the factory oil filter consoles, you’ll want to take a look at my new billet oil filter console. For starters, it looks amazing, quite unlike the factory offerings.

From a function standpoint, I have a big problem with the existing solutions. Not only is the engine mounted oil cooler pretty ineffective at actually cooling the motor, it doesn’t exist in the 964 / 993 models, so what does that tell you about it’s usefulness.

Filter console options are also limited; there are unicorns like the 959 and 965 filter consoles which aren’t available, leaving you with the sole option of using the 993 console which leaves much to be desired.

For starters, the 993 console doesn’t include the return line in the same fitting; Porsche makes you buy a separate widget to attach the incoming line. Additionally, the 993 console places the filter hanging vertically down, which makes it a bear to actually replace the filter.

My console angles the filter like the unobtainum 965 console, but not only that, it includes a female connector for a -16AN line so that you don’t have to attach multiple pieces. You get a clean install, a beautiful looking product rendered in aircraft grade aluminum, and you get a filter that’s easy to change and access.

If you’re looking to add a filter to your pressure circuit like the later cars, this is the one you want.

Doesn’t require modification of your engine tin (or anything else for that matter). You will, however, need to do something with the early fan shroud which has a duct specifically for the engine mounted oil cooler. We suggest blocking it off, or switching to a late shroud.

Price – $395, available now:



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