Recreating an Icon

Many will ask what the impetus of this little project was; it was actually not just one thing that made us begin the reproduction flat 6 cases, it was many things.  Here they are, in no particular order:

  • We grew tired of beginning expensive builds using old engine cases as a foundation. The more time passes, the more it seems that quality, rebuildable engine cases seem to be in short supply.
  • The cases that are available are ludicrously priced; we get that. Supply and demand.
  • No matter how nice a case you start with, you still require some degree of machining or at the very minimum, machine shop time in order to verify that the case is in spec. The mag cases are obviously the worst….you can spend $5K just to rehab one, and when you’re done, the case is really no better than it left the factory.
  • For a really nice build, the cases exteriors need to be soda blasted at a minimum to remove road grime, oxidization, cosmoline, and other crap that’s accumulated for decades. Superficial? Sure, but the bottom of the car should look as nice as the top, no?
  • Even if your case is perfect, you will still need to scrape sealant off the mating surfaces. We hate this. Don’t you?

So we woke up one day, and asked – why is nobody building these? No answer was heard, so in the spirit of Ferry Porsche, we decided to build our own.

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