Well, the foundry is on schedule, and they delivered the new core boxes just as promised. What you are looking at here is the master core box, made of 100% core sand that is congealed together.

I was unhappy with the surface finish of the old green sand molds. Sure, an ugly part can run, but I was just not happy with it. So I invested the money to make these cases out of 100% core sand.

The way it works is this….the box you see here has all of the other cores placed inside it, and then the lid is put on. Then, molten prime aluminum is poured in. That core sand box makes ultra smooth and gorgeous metal that will shame your average Porsche case.

Then they use a sledge to break up the core box, and the part comes out.

Yep, all of that work, the core box is a ONE TIME use part believe it or not. The core maker has to make one for every case half we make!

But man, is it amazingly finished…..

We pour next week!!!!

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