Although significant time (and money) was spent to create what is probably the world’s most complete solidworks model of a Mezger engine case, that is simply not good enough to machine off of without triple checking everything. Sure, the scan was to 50 microns, but we need to be sure….SURE…that the dimensions are perfect before we start destroying perfectly good castings.

To that end, The Machinist is diligently confirming every single last little dimension on the model to the factory 3.6 case. It begins with a perfectly flat slab of granite with which to measure from; from there, reliable and repeatable baseline dimensions are pulled of the case and double checked with the model.

We also use conventional 2D drawings to make our notes on, and these are printed 1:1 scale so we can set the case right on top of them and jot down everything we find to be of importance.

The whole point here, just as with the tooling, is to come up with a prototype case that is very close to where we want to be. I’m not going to exaggerate and tell you it will be perfect from the get go, but all of these steps help to ensure that we have an accurate case pretty much from the start.  Nothing is left to chance. Nothing is assumed just because it has been scanned at 50 microns beforehand. That is not the way we roll here….

First CNC machining pass will happen in the first week of October.


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