Adamo Cultraro

Taormina Racing and Taormina Engineering are sister companies founded by passionate Porsche enthusiast Adamo Cultraro, who has been a Porsche Club of America member since the mid-nineties. Cultraro has owned dozens of Porsches, both of the air and water cooled flavors. Owning them was never enough; Cultraro built engines, upgraded suspensions, tinkered with electrics, turbocharged them, supercharged them, and made them otherwise faster cars. No modification to these cars was ever too extreme to Cultraro in his ultimate pursuit for sheer performance.

To paraphrase Ferry Porsche: “I could not find the case I was looking for on the market, so I made my own”

Harman Sokhi

Chief Machinist Harman Sokhi is a lifelong machinist who comes from a family of machinists – his father is a 25+ year machinist who instilled the values of precision, accuracy, repeatability, and hard work to Harman, the lessons of which he applies daily at Taormina Racing. Of course, Harman is also a passionate car enthusiast and a regular at Cars and Coffee in San Clemente.

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