So we are at a kind of exciting phase after all this time. It’s time to start prepping the mule to accept the Taormina 3.6 case! We are almost there folks, after approximately 3 years of development. Harman is cleaning up programming for case half left while we get ready for what we call the “combo op” in which we line bore both case halves.

After that, however, we need to put my case into a running car, and for that, we will need the services of Da Mule.

So with that, allow me to introduce Da Mule. She is a 1973 Carrera RS clone that has:

– A 3.6 with a G50 already
– 996TT brakes front and rear
– Modern width rubber
– a half cage

In short, Da Mule is the perfect test bed for the Taormina 3.6 Case because she already sports a 3.6 and is set up to do so, as well as being smog exempt here in CA. Stay tuned as we put my motor in this car starting week 2 of June!

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