Common Questions and answers

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Why should I buy your case instead of a genuine Porsche one?

If you can find a genuine 3.6 Porsche case that is usable, then more power to you. In recent years, the cases have become harder and harder to find because of the low production numbers of the 964 and 993 cars, which is estimated to be approximately 75,000 vehicles. Porsche loosely claims that 80% of its vehicles are still on the road, and thus using that math, there are 60,000 3.6 engine cases still in cars, leaving about 15,000 out there to choose from for the Porsche enthusiast.

 That’s 15,000 cases worldwide, and many of those are damaged or so out of spec as to be unusable. So most likely, you probably can’t even find a Porsche 3.6 case to use, and Porsche is not making them anymore.

Does your case accept standard Porsche internals?

Yes. The cylinder spigots, main bearing journals, layshaft journals and case bolt pattern share identical critical dimensions with their Porsche counterparts, so that you can use Porsche compatible oil pumps, crankshafts, bearings and other accessories within our case.

How is your case better than a Porsche case?


  • Our case is 20% stronger than an equivalent Porsche case due to advances in metallurgy and better materials. We use Aircraft grade aluminum to make our cases without regard to cost.
  • Every single oil gallery in our case is accessible via a threaded plug. No more cleanout nightmares or wondering whether there is metal in the oil passages during a rebuild.
  • Our case has integrated piston squirters, which we invented. Not only are they capable of being removed with a standard screwdriver.
  • Our case is already boat tailed for better windage and more power right out of the box.
  • Our cylinder spigots can be specified as 107mm or 109mm right from the start, no machining required after the fact.

Who are you guys?

A bit more about us can be found here.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We offer an unlimited mileage warranty on our cases for a period of three (3) years, no questions asked. Our warranty is limited to replacement of the case only, and does not include any internals, cylinders, pistons, or external accessories on the motor. Just the case is covered. If our case fails, we’ll give you a new one.


Let’s talk about refunds for a moment. If you are one of the first 40 buyers in the special price promotion slots, you are entitled to a refund of your deposit so long as your case is not yet in production. Please note that refunds take 30 days to process, and also please note that you may not receive the refund back in the same way you paid for it. We reserve the right to choose the method of refund. Case deposit refunds that were taken AFTER the first 40 are handled on a case by case basis depending on what work has been done on your case. Absolutely no refunds on finished cases – at that point our warranty kicks in.


Is this case a copy of a Porsche case?

As far as internal critical dimensions go, ours is the same as theirs, but aside from that, considering the engineering that went into our cases, it’s unfair to call them copies or clones. We enlisted the finest metallurgists, prototype and tooling designers, foundries, machinists, and Porsche engine builders to ensure an excellent product that exceeds the original case in every respect. Unlike Porsche, our goals never included ease of mass production, lowest unit cost, or profit margin. We just wanted to build the best 3.6 case possible using modern methods, at any price.

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