Part of the reason I made so many changes to the case was because I had rebuilt so many of these motors in the past and I hated not knowing with *absolute certainty* that the oil galleries were free of debris. You can flush all you want and I did – at times I had a hose barb hooked up to the Porsche cases and literally ran a hundred gallons of water through the cases to make sure they were clean.

But there are a lot of nooks and crannies inside a Porsche case and the only “real” way of getting to them was to drill out the case plugs, which creates more shavings and could potential introduce metal to places that previously did not have metal in them! So I decided that every plug on my case would have a threaded plug.

Threaded plugs are not new; some people have gone and retrofitted them to Porsche cases. However, mine are better because I made the bosses bigger in the casting to support a proper thread and counterbore. If you try this on a Porsche case you will have much less metal than on mine. The pics below show the OEM case, then mine with and without plug. Oh, and the plug is a Fragola Performance hex head plug. Not cheap!




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