On this Memorial Day lets take a moment to reflect upon our brave soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could have the freedom to dawdle on things as trivial as Porsche motors while most of the world is filled with violence, misery and starvation.

And on a lighter note, let’s look at the tired old turd of a motor that gave up it’s life to supply the inner components to the prototype Taormina 3.6 Engine case. Oh, and I reserve the right to make military jokes because I did 9 years in the United States Military so if anyone found that last little bit of humor in poor taste, please reply with your own military record šŸ™‚

I have done more engine teardowns than I can recall, and they are all miserable. They are filthy, nasty jobs that take a ton of energy to undertake. Fluids always leak, bolts are always frozen. A bolt that might take 24 foot pounds of torque to install might take 100 foot pounds to break loose.

Why do we do this? Because Porsche cases are valuable, and there aren’t many of them. We have to scavenge these valuable dead bodies to undertake another build.

I am trying to change that. I am trying to make it so that the teardown of a core motor IS NOT the first stage of an engine build. I believe you should be able to open a box, pull out a brand new case, and build a motor from new parts. I am trying to make a paradigm shift in the Porsche world quite frankly.

There will always be matching numbers motors that will need to be rebuilt, I get it. But I want to stop someone from buying a nasty 3.0 or 3.2 and spending time fighting it and tearing it down and then measuring all the greasy nasty parts to make sure they are in spec. I want someone to seriously give thought to skipping the teardown!!!

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