There are a couple things going on right now with the cases that are keeping us very busy.

First off, I sent a list of changes to the tool maker to implement in the tool. These are minor changes that the average person might not even notice, things like adding a little more material in certain places so we can machine it off nicer.

In fact, every change I gave the toolmaker is cosmetic, because the main case design is pretty well gelled and is working great.

The toolmaker then sends the finished part to the foundry, who then has to change the cores, then we will be ready to cast the “final final” as we call it. This final final is what we will be making the Prototype 3 motor from, the one I am putting in the RS clone.

But we are not there quite yet. What we are doing now is the mock up.

This is where we take all of the bolt on parts and actually attach them to the case to make sure everything actually fits. You can measure all you want but at some point you actually have to test fit parts to make sure all is OK, which at this point, it is.

I have found a couple minor things to change, but overall its pretty good. We use M6 and M8 hex head thumb screws to attach everything because the fastener is irrelevant, we just care about the fit at this time.

If there are no further changes after we are done the mock up, we’ll instruct the foundry to proceed with the pour on prototype 3, then machine it into a case that will be built into a motor. Exciting times, we are almost there!


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