Thank you!

A little more test fitting today. Man, mock up is so valuable of a tool. Have a list of 6 things we need to fix and improve.

On the downside, the foundry placed the bosses for the chain ramp bolts in a slightly offset position so when we drill the holes, the hole doesn’t look concentric on the boss.

100% cosmetic issue, but hey, it has to be right. So another round of mods on the tooling is planned.

I want you guys to know I am really, really splitting hairs on these last minute touches, but I figured I have 45 paying customers who are expecting perfection, and I am going to deliver perfection no matter how long it takes, nuff said.

This will probably add a week or two to my timeline, nothing serious.

Also, need to clearance the distributor hole more. Too tight for my liking, but everything lines up nice.

Onward and upward!


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