Well, all kinds of testing has been done on the castings, and the foundry has decided they want to add a new riser to the mold. In casting-speak, a riser is a feeder tube or contrivance that delivers molten metal wherever the mold maker wants it to go. It feeds areas that otherwise might shrink or do other things, and in this case, it allows some gasses to escape that could cause nasty blows in the castings.

We didn’t really have anything ugly, but I trust my foundry and I trust my toolmaker, who in my opinion is the best of the best, and does a LOT of automotive molds especially for Edelbrock. So what you see in the pictures is the new riser, which will once again modify the tooling. Oh, and send me a big fat bill.

Has this process cost me time? Yes, to the tune of 3 weeks, and also, probably another week.

I apologize to all my loyal customers but it has to be *RIGHT*. And the old castings were just not right enough, just not pretty enough, and just not PORSCHE enough. I could have taken short cuts, but I never did, not even once.

This is a process we only ever need to do ONCE, and then it’s done. So thank you all for your patience.

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