Friends of Taormina Racing,

We are ready to begin taking preorders on March 15th! I have resisted taking deposits on cases for as long as I possibly could, and funded this entire endeavor out of pocket. My costs to date total over $600,000 of my own money, the last bit incurred setting up the shop, which was deceptively expensive to do. To go from a bare shop space to a fully working machine shop in less than 45 days has been pricey and trying at times.

The reason for taking preorders is not financial – I will only be taking $1250 refundable deposits on March 15th, the sum total of which would be way too small to even think of paying myself back a tiny fraction of what I have spent. The reason for taking preorders is so that we can fully map out a production schedule that consists of actual buyers, as opposed to just interested parties. Simply put: we are shifting out of R&D and into production mode.

So here is HOW we will do it:

  • If you filled out an interest card at some point, you will be the first to know that preordering is live, and you will get to preorder ONE DAY before the general public can.
  • The actual preorder is a $1250 REFUNDABLE deposit. Why refundable? Well, it protects both of us really. If we incur some sort of delay, your recourse is getting your money back. My recourse is to simply give you your money back. Delays are part of the process, but we think we have them under control now.
  • The preorders are available to both shops and individuals at this point, and your $1250 deposit gives you a production slot for a $5000 case.


Can I preorder more than one case? Yes, you can preorder multiple cases, but you’ll pay a $1250 deposit on each one.

When will my case be complete? Customer cases will be delivered starting in June. Your actual slot will be determined by what time you preorder on March 15th.

How will you assign slots? To keep the process fair, you will receive a production slot based upon when you order. As an example, if you order on March 15th at 1:00pm, you will receive an earlier slot than someone who orders, say, on March 20th. Slots will be assigned in the order received!

Will my preorder buy me a firm time commitment? No, I can’t promise that now. What I can promise is that if you are slot #10, for example, you will always be the tenth case delivered based on when deliveries start.

How many cases will you sell at $5000? Only 40. And that includes to shops and wholesalers. So act now.

When will I have to pay the balance: Three days before your case is scheduled to build, you will need to pay the balance in full, and your order will become a firm, non-refundable order.

Why should I send you my money, considering you don’t even have a completed engine running yet? That’s why it’s called a preorder – you are trusting us to deliver you a product that is not yet complete and that will meet your expectations once it is. You are investing in the process, and will get to see the product come to life before your eyes. In exchange, we are selling you the product at a much lower price than others will pay in the future. Want to wait to purchase a case so you can touch it, feel it, see it in a running car? No problem at all, but you will not be paying $5000, that’s for sure.

As to the final question, I feel like I have invested substantially enough to give the product credibility. Anyone who happens to be in the So Cal area can phone or email me and make an appointment to come see the shop, the machines, and our progress first hand should any doubts arise as to the reality of the project. It is now time for you to have a little faith in us to deliver the goods.

Questions? Write or call me. Contact info on the website at

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