Rebuildable Piston Squirter


This is our patent pending race proven rebuildable piston squirter. What does rebuildable mean? Simple – you will never again have to wonder if there is any metal inside your piston squirters while doing a rebuild. We’ve all been there: you’re doing a rebuild on a 911 motor and most of the squirters don’t work. They are only half open and dribbling instead of spraying, or worse, they are completely clogged.

We invented the solution that the factory never did, a squirter that can be opened up without destroying it to inspect what’s inside. Benefits include:

  • The ability to change the orifice size for more or less oil flow as desired.
  • The ability to fully see inside the squirter during rebuilds.
  • Added ease of installation. Our squirter installs with a 5/32 drift, and since the barrel is steel, it is easy to pound in the hole and will not deform.
  • The squirter barrel stays inside the case permanently, you never have to remove it or drill it out!
  • Similarly priced to the inferior factory product!


The orifice size in the cap you need depends on the car:

1.5mm – 911, 1966-1989

2.0mm – 930 (all years)

2.5mm – 964, 993, and high performance builds

Price includes one squirter, cap, spring, and ball. You will need 6 squirters to do one engine, and YES, we recommend replacing them all.

Do I need a Standard or Oversize Squirter?

That depends….before ordering your squirters, we ask that you remove your old ones. If your squirters come out without damaging the case, cleanly, then measure the bore. It should be (but not always is) 6.0mm. If that is the case, please purchase a standard (6.0mm) squirter.

If your bores are larger than 6.0mm or the bores are damaged from drilling out the old squirter, then you will need the oversize (6.6mm) squirter.

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