So after two weeks of chasing gremlins in the car, I finally started her however briefly to make sure it at least cranks and starts before putting it all back together.

This test mule platform really was not the right platform for testing, because the 3.6 install that the previous owner did was so poorly done and the car needed so much ancillary work just to get it to start.

Here’s what was done just in the last 3 days:
– replaced bad crankshaft reference sensor (no spark)
– replaced bad DME relay (no spark!)
– Replaced all fuel lines in car (pissed fuel everywhere including onto the headers!)
– Ran new throttle cable (was almost severed inside the tunnel)
– Replaced probably 4-5 AMP connector ends (crumbled like old bread when touched)
– New spark plugs (old ones arced and burned)

You guys honestly wouldn’t believe all the shyte I had to go through to get to this point. Car needed so many things that had NOTHING to do with the case.

You’ll note the small oil drop under the car. This is from the connector where we put a manual oil pressure gauge on one of the ports (you can see the gauge on the deck lid opening). I wanted to manually verify oil pressure and not trust the car’s gauges. Oil pressure is excellent! But the fitting wasn’t exactly M18x1.5 like the port and so it leaked a bit.

In the video below you will see the FIRST start up of a cast 964 repro case EVER. This is it.

Now I need to put it all back together and run it. Lots of little things still need to be hooked up but hey, MILESTONE REACHED!


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