So a little while back I posted pictures of the D’Andrea boring head, but I realized that I never posted pics of the sort of work it does. Sure, it’s accurate, but that’s not the entire reason I bought it. I also bought it because it creates an unparalleled surface finish.

Surface finish is important mainly because hard working people are giving me their money, and the product needs to look amazing even though most of the stuff we spend our time on will never be seen on the outside of the motor. Still, the cylinder spigots are a big part of the visuals of seeing a naked case half so we decided to make them look really pretty. There are two pictures here. One of them shows the cylinder spigot as done with an ordinary (but very expensive) end mill. The surface finish is acceptable. Its as good as or slightly better than OEM.

The second is what the boring head does….it’s like a mirror. My finger is in there so you can see the reflectivity. It’s really an outstandingly smooth surface that at the very least will help airflow tremendously. I am not saying it will make more power, but it can’t hurt!

Lastly, I have heard a rumor that Porsche is considering or already in the process of selling the 993 and 3.2 cases new again. I have no idea whether this is true or not, but I actually hope it is. To Porsche, I say bring it.

Their OEM cases never achieved anything even close to resembling accuracy as I have found on this long journey. Their materials are mediocre, and their machining even more so. I am fairly confident that regardless of whether they re-launch their 993 and 3.2 cases, they will never, ever meet the standard of my case.

Oh, and you’d still need to send a Porsche case out for extra machining for 109 spigots, O rings, extra squirters, shuffle pinning, boat tailing GT3 Pump clearance, and more. Yeah, bring it.


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