I want to thank all of you for the amazing amount of preorders that have come in. I am humbled by the confidence you have in my little company and we are grateful for your trust. Once I sort through all the orders, I will assign the slots in the order they were received. In the mean time, I have a slew of questions about the options so I thought it best to offer an answer here. Remember, you are NOT locked in to the options you selected until your case is about to be built, there is still time to change them. The reason why we are doing preorders anyways is to be able to predict what tooling we will need to complete the production run based on people’s options.

107 mm: 107mm is the stock register size if you want a 3.6 engine. This is the default configuration for the case, and corresponds to the stock 964 bore. We are working with a local parts supplier who has literally dozens of really nice used 3.6 pistons, cylinders and cranks so that these builds can be completed. I don’t want you to have to scrounge up all the rest of the parts for this build, I will do it for you, and evaluate the used parts so you don’t have to, and sell you a decent set of crank/pistons/cylinders that can be used to finish the build. More on this later.

109mm: 109mm is the nominal register size for a 3.8L build. The 3.8 was actually built by Porsche (and lots of aftermarket builders) as an upgrade. Normally, when you do this, you have a very thin cylinder section and not a lot of meat in the spigot. Ours are totally different, and there is much more meat than stock. You can use Mahle (or any other) 3.8 jugs, and we have also partnered with LN Engineering to create a special set of cylinders that will be 110mm case register. These are still 3.8 bore, but they have much more thickness at the cylinder bottom than a stock 109 set would have for longevity. Details soon!

Clearance for GT3 Oil Pump: If you have a stock 964 oil pump, you can use it no problem. This option is for anything larger than a stock pump. The option says GT3 pump but it could really be anything including the big billet Autoverdi pumps, etc. This is a FREE option, and basically what we do is mill the case slightly to accept the large bodied pump. Not sure if your pump will fit? Want to make sure? SEND IT TO ME and I will measure it and return it to you. This is a free service, so if in doubt take advantage of it!

O-Ring Delete: There is a lot of confusion about this option. The early 964 case had no o-ring in the cylinder spigot and as such, leaked combustion products out from the gap between the cylinder and the case. Later, Porsche adopted an o-ring cut into the case to accept a viton ring that more or less cured this problem. This problem is even worse when you go 109mm because you can’t really fit a cylinder base gasket in there – although some people have with success (Singer, for example). So when in doubt, LEAVE THE O-RING IN THERE. There is no disadvantage to having it. Unless you know better, go with the O-ring. Therefore you will check NO for the O-Ring delete option.

Fasteners: What does the case come with? Case perimeter studs and nuts. We will offer ARP case through bolts and perimeter studs at some point, and you will see these on the site but they are hideously expensive even if they are the best. However, we will be contracting with a fastener supplier to make all of the necessary fasteners for the case so that you can buy them as a kit and not have to think about accumulating all the parts you need to finish the case.

Again, thank you for your trust!!!!


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