It looks like we won’t be able to meet the schedule posted in the last post. Making the casting is one thing, but the machining is proving to be a major area of focus right now.

In some respects the casting is the easy part, although thus far nothing in this journey has been easy. The reason why I say the casting was the easy part is that there is a lot of extra meat on the casting, which of course needs to be machined off. This extra meat makes the casting somewhat more forgiving to make.

The machining, by contrast, has to be ultra precise. To that end, we have rejected many of the machining methods used to machine the case, and even rejected many of the machines themselves. Originally, we were going to machine the cases with a combination of vertical CNC mills and CNC lathes. That idea has proved itself to require too many setups, which affect the repeatability and the accuracy.

We have now realized that the machines we had access to won’t be appropriate for mass production, and so have decided to use a combination of large horizontal CNC mills and a 5 axis Vertical CNC mill.

These machines can machine our part with fewer setups, and less movement of the part than the machines we had access to, which will of course result in a more accurate part, and more importantly, a more consistent part.

Thanks for your patience as we endlessly fiddle with this, and rest easy in the thought that once we nail the routine down, the actual production of the cases will be elementary….



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